Will You See Her Again After Your Date?

Got Good Dating Skills?


It May Not Be Your Dating Skills That Decide Whether or Not You Will See Her Again

If you have problems getting a second or third date a lot you may have habit of blaming your technique or skills, but there may be something else going on as well! It may be that you are just not what they are looking for. And that’s okay! You are who you are after all. But here are a few reasons that help them decide quickly you are not for them.

A woman will look for a man who has a lot of the same beliefs, interests, and passions that she does. This is not only done to ensure that she will have a lot to do with the guy, but it is also done to validate who she is as a person. No woman wants to hear that you think being a vegan is ridiculous when she is passionate about why she has become a vegan.

As you can see there is a way around not having the same beliefs, interests, and passions that she does. Don’t judge them! Be open-minded to who she is and let her be who she is. This will make her think that even though you two don’t share a lot of similarities you still accept her and support her for who she is, and that validation and support may be enough for her to look past the differences.

A woman will also look for a man who is different from her but who can compliment her life in some way. This means that if she hates cooking she may want a man who enjoys cooking. Or if she wants to get outside more she may want a man who is a ski instructor. It all depends on the areas of her life that she wants to improve or have help with.

Now maybe you were exactly like the woman you went out with, and maybe you complimented her so well that the two of you would have been unstoppable in a relationship, and yet she still didn’t want to go out another date with you. This is when you have to step back and look yourself in an honest manner and decide what you are doing wrong.

Possibly you are too arrogant.

Your ego is so big that you literally scare women away with it. You can tell this to be true if you know that you are always right and everyone else is always wrong; Or if you think you are god’s gift to women but keep getting no dates.

Or maybe you are rude to other people around you and you turn women off by your lack of kindness. Are you mean to waiters and other people who serve you when you are out? Are you rude to people on the street for no reason? Kindness comes with treating everyone with respect and compassion, and women really love that trait in a man.

You could also be extremely unsure of yourself, and women see you as someone they are going to have to make feel good all of the time by constantly stroking your ego. That’s not something that a woman looks for in a man.

So as you can see there are many reasons why a woman would not want to see you again after your first date, and it may have nothing to do with your dating skills but more to do with who you are as a person. The truth is there is a woman out there for every man and you will know if she likes you, and thinks you are good for her,   right away!