Will A Divorce Recovery Group Help You?

We’ve talked a lot in our articles about the ugly specter of divorce.

Unless and until you’ve experienced it, you will never know how challenging divorce can be. You will never understand the fear divorce engenders into your life. You will never know the self doubt it creates. You will also never know the good it ultimately brings as you work through it’s challenges. I remember those early days; I remember the processing of the early years; and now that I’ve completed those tasks, I know the joy of having accomplished success. At the end of my workout, I found my Soul Mate and life is decidedly good. In the early days of divorce, you are frequently operating under the burden of overwhelm. It’s difficult to make decisions. It’s challenging to see what options might be available. You operate from a perspective of blame, because surely it was the other one’s fault and not yours? It hard to get past your own concepts of failure and frustration.

That’s because you are hiding behind embarrassment, shame or guilt and you are trying to make a go of it alone. Alone is not necessary if you have access to a computer.

The internet is a giant repository of help for you. You can help you to restore your life to it’s original happiness if you’ll get out on the internet and do several things:

1. Sign up on sites that offer assistance for divorcees.
2. Join an online divorce recovery group.
3. Read articles that pertain to the many challenges of divorce

You don’t need to go it alone.

You can find others out there who are walking in the same moccasins as you and who completely understand your problems. They might be a few steps down the path in front of you and their advice is pertinent, practical and timely. Or you might be a few steps down the path in front of someone else and you can pause in your life, turn back and offer your wisdom to them.

Do the research to find which websites provide the best information for you. Create a folder in the Bookmarks on your browser so you can gather all these like sites together for easy retrieval when you need to go there again.
Find places where you can read articles about divorce.

Consider joining an online group of divorcees.

At a minimum, you’ll make new friends, and you’ll glean many choice tidbits of how to resolve the challenging problems you are facing with help from those who are currently in or have experienced fear and self doubt via the same predicament as you. Who knows? Ultimate good could happen for you as it did for me. You could eventually find your soul mate, or create a new career in writing your advice into a book or articles as you gain strength in resolving your problems. Hang tough; help yourself.

I know you can do it. —————————————————- In his book «Getting Over It: Wisdom for Divorced Parents,» Len Stauffenger shares his simple wisdom gleaned from his divorce with his daughters and with you. Len is a Success Coach and an Attorney. You can purchase Len’s book and it’s accompanying workbook at