What to Talk About on a First Date

There are so many challenges that you face on a first date.  

But the one that is most often the most difficult is not having anything to talk about.   It is really tough when there is silence and someone needs to come up something to talk about to get the conversation going.   Here are a few ideas that should be easy to bring up and keep the conversation going.

Ask her what is good on the menu at the restaurant you are eating at.   You may have different tastes and that is fine.   But you will find out what foods each other likes.   That can be a conversation that could last some time.   Then the conversation will most likely turn to foods in general.   You can talk about family traditions and other types of foods you may have in common like Indian food or Chinese food.

Ask him what he does with his free time.

You want to find out what his hobbies are and see how they compare to yours.   You may have completely different hobbies but chances are, after talking for a while you will find something in common.   Maybe you both love attending live concerts.   You can talk for hours about the concerts you have seen and what liked and didn’t like about each one.

A great conversation starter is to find out where each of you has lived in the past.   Maybe your date has lived inIrelandand no doubt has stories to tell.   Maybe you traveled a lot as a child because your dad was in the military.   You can talk about each place and what place you liked the best and what placed you absolutely hated.   Talk about modes of transportation such as planes and trains.   Maybe you have never flown before.   He can tell you the excitement of flying.

Music is another great topic of conversation.   Talk about the music you listened to as kids compared to what you listen to now.