Top 10 Tips To Give a Woman an Orgasm You Should Know How To Give a Woman an Orgasm

If you can give a woman an orgasm then you are a sought after man!

Many men do not understand how to give a woman an orgasm and there is a very good reason for that. Most women do not know how to give themselves and orgasm!

So if you want to be the guy that makes her legs shake and makes her scream your name in passion – not to mention be the guy that she associates with orgasms from that point on – then you want to learn how to give her an orgasm or even multiple orgasms.

One thing to remember is that if a woman is close to orgasm and you move positions or stop doing what you are doing – chances are she will lose that momentum and you will have to build her up to a pre-orgasm state again.

Women have to be stimulated all the way through their orgasm and that includes pre-orgasm and during orgasm. She will let you know when she can’t take your touch anymore but make sure you see it all the way through.

Top 10 Tips to Give a Woman an Orgasm

1. Get Her Brain Ready For Sex

This is really important. You have to get her brain thinking about sex and turned on before you can even have a hope in hell of getting the rest of her to follow.

This can just be getting her in the mood or it can be dropping sexual hints to her all day about what you want to do to her later.

2. De-stress Her

Woman tend to think about many different things that have happened or are going to happen and it leads to distracting her from having an orgasm. A Woman cannot have an orgasm unless she is relaxed and focused on the task at hand. So do whatever you need to do to relax her and get her orgasm ready.

3. Get her hot and excited ‘down there’ without actually going ‘down there’

There are many spots on her body that will get her hot without actually heading straight down to the clitoris and the like. Some of those spots will give her a more intense feeling in her lower regions than actually being down there will do. Find out what her spots are and use them. If you want her to have an intense orgasm then it’s best if you get her excited in as many ways possible.

4. Tease Her Body and Mind

Women don’t get a lot of teasing, unlike men. Men tend to get right to the point when having sex with their woman whether they think so or not. Women like teasing as it builds up sexual tension and makes her literally beg for more.
You can touch her or lick her clitoris and then move back up to her breasts. Make her want you to go down there by teasing her with how good it feels and she will stay excited and turned on when you get there. It will also make an orgasm come faster as she has already been built up.

5. Make Foreplay a Priority

Foreplay is a kind of teasing in it’s own right. Foreplay will greatly increase the chance that you will help her reach an orgasm for many reasons.

One being that you are keeping her mind focused by giving her lots of, in the moment, pleasure. Make sure you do the things she really likes during foreplay and not just the things you really like though.

6. Keep Eye Contact and Make Her Feel Involved in The Foreplay.

Eye contact means many things for women. It means you are recognizing them in bed. It means you are gauging their reactions to certain things you do. It means that you are totally in to having sex with them and not just their body. To woman it means more than just eye contact and it’s essential in foreplay to get her excited and moving towards an orgasm.

7. Focus on The Clitoris For The Most Part Instead of The Vagina

I’m not sure if porno movies gave guys the idea the oral sex had to be between the legs and fast and furious but, while that is pleasuring to some degree, the real spot that will get her blood moving and an orgasm to come is her clitoris. Sometimes it’s her vagina, and you may have a vagina women, but start with the clitoris.

8. No Direct and Hard Clitoris Contact

If you are giving her oral sex or using your fingers to please her then make sure you stay on the side of the clitoris instead of pounding it over and over again. It can actually start to feel the exact opposite of good when she is not fully turned on yet and it can quickly turn her off completely. Lick to the side or lightly on top of the clitoris but very lightly until she asks for more or get’s really turned on.

I’m a woman complains that it’s starting to hurt – this is why – and you can kiss your chances of her reaching orgasm goodbye when it hurts.

9. Focus on Oral Sex

Most women have orgasms from oral sex. Using your fingers can work as well but only after you really know where to touch and rub. The tongue is much softer than fingers and you can cover more ground instead of focusing on a smaller point of touch. This makes the contact less direct and focused. Remember what I said about hard clitoris contact? Direct focus can be painful and ruin the mood altogether.

10. If She is About To Reach Orgasm – Keep Doing What You Are Doing!

Like I said before if she is about to reach an orgasm and you stop stimulating her in whatever way is about to get her there, whether it’s orally or manually, then she will quickly lose that orgasmic feeling and will not have the orgasm she had almost gotten to which will be devastating for her and for you. Women need to be stimulated all the way through an orgasm to experience the whole orgasm.

It is a cruel trick of nature towards women. It’s so hard for women to get there but if they are almost there and distracted then it goes away completely and it’s real hard to get back.