Do You Make A Good Match?

Some of us prefer the company of people who closely resemble us and some prefer the joy of introducing someone with a totally new set of skills, talents and personality to their lives. But is there a place where those differences might become a problem? These questions might help you find the answer.

1: Is The Physical Attraction There?

You might think they’re a great person, but are you forcing yourself to be attracted to them? As much as we want to go beyond skin deep, physical attraction is vitally important in a relationship – and something you just can’t fake.

2. Are you able to communicate effectively?

In some cases the physical attraction is there and you are pushing forward with a relationship without stopping to ask yourself if this is really the type of person you can talk to and understand on a subtle level. While differences in style should not make you worry, you should look closely at the type of communication you have to make sure it is open and honest. If you don’t feel it, it could present problems in the future.

3: Are You Socially Compatible?

Do you feel comfortable around each other’s families and friends? Is one of you a gregarious social animal and the other a quiet home body? When you’re out in the world together, do you truly have fun? After all, it’s about so much more than what happens behind closed doors.

4. Do you share similar values, politics and religious beliefs?

You don’t have to be identical in what you believe in but in some cases it is useful to check it early. There are certain things that for certain people would just not pass. The most important thing in this case is to be honest and to talk about what you find important and what your main principles are.

5: Did Your Partner Cheat on You?

Maybe your ex cheated on you and it still hurts like hell. Was it a one-time slip on their part? Did it happen during a bad time in your relationship? Have they promised it’ll never happen again? Are they sincerely sorry?

6. Can you find a financial common ground?

In some cases you and your partner will be coming from very different backgrounds and it’s important to talk about that and set expectations straight. Not being on the same page in regards to earning and spending money leads to stress and to anxiety.

7: Do Your Share Dreams, Goals?

If you’re of child-bearing age, would you like to have children? What about him? Do you dream of pulling up stakes and traveling freely, while he wants to build a home and nest there? Differences don’t mean anyone is wrong. It just means you want different things.

Shaniyah Benson writes for online psychics website Visit for free psychic readings and more.