Did She Cheat Because I’m Not Good Enough?

Men may be stereotyped to have egos the size of Texas, but there are those who actually agonize from the irregular rush of self doubt. It need not be a reason for embarrassment but you can make use of this delicate moment to contemplate if for some odd mistake of nature you might be the reason for your partner’s discontent, instead of pondering whether your cheating wife or girlfriend is a devil’s incarnate as most men often do.

Hey! It’s an incredibly enlightened thing to consider but you can breathe again any minute now because that is almost certainly not the case. You see, she loves you a lot. She probably loves you more than you realize. She doesn’t love just anyone. She loves you. She might even think you’re the greatest thing since peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were created or something just as wonderful.

She’s not about ready to jump on over to some other man because you’re not good enough. She’s just managed to get you properly trained in the fine art of letting the seat down.

You see women generally cheat on their men not because he isn’t good enough but because there is some need she has that isn’t being met. It’s not about the eyes or what she can see of you. It isn’t about how much money the other guy is making (remember she’s staying with you). It’s about some deep need she has that isn’t being taken care of at home.

That, however, does not mean you being not good enough unless of course you have that gift to read her mind.

Except when at the start of your living together as a couple, she informed you “yeah right, there’s this thing that I just can’t live without. If I can’t have it; I’ll most likely be unfaithful to you. And of course that is (whatever that thing would be).” I bet that you would say something along the lines of “that never happened” which leaves you off the hook.

Now the only thing that remains is for you to figure out what she got from the other guy and how you can give it to her instead. The other thing you need to do is get a handle on your own personal insecurities. It’s one thing to believe you are the luckiest man on earth to have someone who loves you by your side.

It’s another thing actually if you are going through a relationship and waiting for it to crash because you are in a way not deserving of her. That is how good relationships go sour fast and be a complete and perfect recipe for relationship tragedy and clash. There is a need to understand your value in the relationship for you to make the relationship work between the two of you.

Warning! Don’t even think about trying to get your ex girlfriend back until you do this one thing that will change everything: