Learn to Be Alone: How Do I Learn to Love Myself Again

After a break up you need to know how to learn to be alone.

If you’re just coming out of a relationship, you’re used to having someone there. You’ve had someone around. After a break up that’s gone and you need to learn how to be alone.
The good news is learning to be alone isn’t difficult. However you’ll be coping with feeling alone, while going through the stages of a break up. These two actually go hand in hand. The process of regaining your independence and learning to love yourself will actually help you through these stages.

Here are five steps that will help you learn to be alone:

1. Acceptance

You have to accept that the break up happened. Even if you hope to reunite with your ex at a later time, right now, you’re not together. In order to learn to be alone you need to accept that you are no longer in that relationship.

2. Work on Your Emotions

It’s easy to get depressed when you’re going through a break up. As you work through the break up stages, you’ll feel like your on an emotional roller coaster, and this is normal. You should be feeling these things. However, you can ease some of this pain by surrounding yourself with a strong support system and keeping yourself busy.

3. Stay Active

There are many things you can do to get active. Rediscover some hobbies, sports or activities. Do things that you enjoy. You may find that you have a talent or skill that you didn’t know about. Staying active not only helps you feel better, it offers you a great opportunity to make new friends.

4. Spend Time with Friends

Your support system is important to your break up recovery, but they’re not just there as a shoulder to lean on. Your friends are important for helping alleviate the feelings of loneliness. Go out with your friends. Invite them over for dinner. Spend time with them. If you don’t have many friends, meet new ones. Your friends will help you feel better about yourself.

5. Know When to Ask For Help

One problem many people have when going through a break up is that they don’t ask for help when they need it. Your friends and family, the ones who care about you will accept you as your are and love you for who your are. If you’re feeling lonely and need someone don’t be afraid to ask. If you need to talk to someone, just pick up the phone and call.

The people who care about you will want to help.

When you learn to be alone, that does not mean that you should be spending the all of your time by yourself. As you can see in these five steps, they all include getting support from other people. Your break up is the end of one relationship, but remember you have many other types of relationships in your life. These are the ones that you can lean on during this time.

This is a journey that will take time, but you’ll eventually see that you need less and less support and you’ll find the independence that goes along with learning to be alone. You’ll also find that you’ll love yourself more with these changes. While this process if not easy, it’s something you have to go through and hopefully something you learn from.
What’s one of the secrets to getting over a break up and how to learn to be alone? The secret would be to develop supreme self-confidence. That self-confidence will help get you through many of the difficulties you’ll find as you go through your break up and allow you to move on with your life.

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